Friday, 7 July 2017

Grunge art...

I think these are my grungiest creations ever.

 I just spent ages layering acrylic paint until I just reached the point where I liked how it looked. Again, as has happened several times now, it is only when I cut it up that it takes on a whole new look, and each piece is quite different.

grunge A 
I simply Gesso'd a piece of 300gsm card and began applying the paint, initially with my fingers, I find this quicker and easier to blend the paint. It was only later that I used a bristle fan brush for the sweeps of white and black paint.

Grunge Ac 
For my next card I added a large 10ml eyelet and some sari ribbon. 

Grunge Ad 
The fab sentiments are by Dina Wakley called "Just want to say". 

Grunge Af 
As you can tell I am still enjoying my acrylic painting which I still want to pursue and improve on.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great weekend x

Monday, 3 July 2017

Collage card with hand painted paper...

This was yet another acrylic painting that overall I was not happy with, but rather than bin it I decided to cut it up and kinda collage the pieces to emphasise the bits I did like.

I do like the colours of red, coral and gold with swooshes of white brushed over the top for a bit of movement.

collage 2 
    The lovely stamp is an old Anna Griffin stamp which I think has quite an ethnic look and so I stamped it in fab Martha Stewart Pale Bronze acrylic paint. I actually prefer stamping with acrylic paint now rather than ink pads, and use both my clear and rubber stamps with acrylic paint. It was only until recently that I would never have done this, but I keep a bowl of cold water on my desk and I put the stamps straight into the bowl of water before the paint dries, and then use a stiff brush to wash off the paint. As a result all my stamps are still in perfect condition.

collage 1 
It just so happened that I had some irridescent tulle fabric in the same colours I had used in my painting, so I just ripped some off and tied it as ribbon to finish my card. The sentiment is by Stampin Up.

collage 5

I think this is the first time I have created a collage card. I wasn't sure about it at first but it has grown on me the more I look at it, and it is a great way of using up card that would otherwise probably not have gotten used.

 Hope to be back with more soon x

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Layering stencils...

A super quick post showing one of my Gelli prints to which I added more pattern with two stencils.

I chose contrasting designs and colours for a bit more impact.

Damask acrylic 2

The Gelli prints make a really good base to add more pattern, and I have used acrylic paint to add the stencil designs.

Damask acrylic 3

Well, I gotta dash today but I will be back soon x

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Mini acrylic abstract art...

Back in my craft room again. this time the absence has largely been due to the extreme heat but thankfully things have finally cooled down.

I have been practising with acrylic paints using some of my A4 Gelli prints as a base and then adding even more paint and pattern.

As a whole the overall result did not look that appealing if I am honest, but there were sections that I did like. So I die cut a rectangular aperture and hovered over my painting until I found the part I wanted to frame. It's amazing how highlighting sections can look so different from the whole piece of art.

Mini abstract art 2a

         I managed to find 2 sections I liked, although the first one is my favourite. 

  mini art abstract art 2cb

I could have just as easily added a sentiment and made them into cards.

I even like this one in landscape...

mini art abstract art 2c
I love the colours of magenta, black, gold and white. The fabulous flourish is by Indigo Blu. Even though I am creating abstract art I still like using my stamps to add texture and pattern.

mini abstract art 2ad 

Well, I hope it stays cool so that I can continue in my craft room. I still need much more practice with acrylic paint but I am loving it.

Stay cool wherever you are! See you soon x 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Hand painted designer paper creations...

I've been gone far longer than I anticipated. things went from very busy to just manic, but at long last I managed to get back in the craft room again.

Following on from my last post, I did scan my art work onto my computer and printed off one of the designs to come up with these creations.

I have to say these are by far my favourite creations ever. It is incredibly satisfying creating your own designer papers and then using them for papercrafting. 

Grafitti abstract 1

What started out as just an experimental piece of abstract art, where I just used Dylusions sprays, white Gesso and then added some doodling with acrylic paint, I think came together as a really nice patterned paper design.

I love the colours and just the overall messy random artwork. I actually find really it hard to do "random" and I am definitely using creative synapses that I'm not used to using!  Having gone down the clean and simple route for so long my brain is struggling to cope with this new way of working, but for the moment at least I want to continue down this path and I'm not sure at this present time if I will ever return to my CAS roots. We'll see.

Grafitti abstract 6 
It is a long time since I have used a print in my crafting so I had to experiment with different types of printing paper to see which would produce the best results.

For me, the absolute winner was Hunkydory's Printable Insert paper. Although meant for printing card inserts, the 135gsm paper is a good heavyweight paper for papercrafting, especially for making things like envelopes. I think this paper produces fantastic prints. I managed to get this small enelope and card from one A4 sheet of paper, and for the card I simply mounted the offcut of paper onto some card to make it sturdy. 

Grafitti abstract 5 

To add to the overall messy look, I decided to machine stitch both my card and envelope with black cotton, something I have not done for many years and had forgotten how good it looks.

 Grafitti abstract 7 
The finishing touch for me is the gorgeous silk sari ribbon I found on Ebay. I found it quite by accident and initially bought just one skein. When I received it I absolutely fell in love with it and ordered more colours!

The flower is a stamp I found in my stash that bought many years ago by Laura Ashley.  The gem is also from my stash, I can't remember where I got it now. I have used a magnetic clasp by Papermania as my envelope closure.

Grafitti abstract 4 
And here is a photo of just some of the sari ribbon, the colours are so vivid.

Grafitti abstract 3

I look forward to creating more abstract work to scan. I suddenly love full on colour, something that has been missing from my crafting for some time until now.

The new craft area is coming on nicely but not yet finished due to the sweltering heat and may have to wait until things cool down a bit.

I will do my best not to leave it quite so long again, but things are still a bit unpredictable. Trust me if I can craft I will!

See you soon x

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ultimate creative freedom...

I have been telling myself off for some time now for being so "neat" and restrained all the time when it comes to crafting. Well, this next photo could not be further from my usual neat and restrained style. As you can see, I just went for it! For me it was ultimate creative freedom.

I started with Dylusion spray inks. It looks like I added purple but it was the pink and blue spray mixed together. Because the Dylusions colours are very vivid I thought I would tone it all down with white Gesso, but was not sure if it would work. I was half expecting the Dylusions to reactivate and mix with the Gesso to form a yukky mess, but whilst there was a little mixing of colours the white Gesso still softened the Dylusion colours.

Then once all that was dry I added acrylic paint and went to town! It was my first attempt at this kind of art and was purely all experimental rather than any attempt at creating a masterpiece. I tried to just do it intuitively rather than stop and think about every detail. It is way outside of my comfort zone but I have learned such a lot, especially how art products work together. I know there are things I would do differently next time. This style may not be to everyone's taste, but I really love it.

It occured to me that it would be great to scan my abstract paintings onto my computer, so that if I say I want to make a matching envelope with a card, I can just print off a duplicate. That way I will have them forever and can use the design as often as I want!

 Grafitti 1 
Then, using different colours another design, this time using solely acrylic paints. At some point I will make something with them, I think they take on a new meaning and look amazing when put in the context of a papercraft creation.

Grafitti 2

 I love creating abstract art and feel this is definitely something I want to pursue and try an improve on.

I'm currently having a major reorganisation of my craft area which is turning into a far bigger job than I thought it would be so crafting may be slower until it is sorted. I'll be back as soon as I can! x

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My first Art Journal pages...

Despite it still being really busy at home, I actually managed to find some proper me time today. I have been itching to have a go at some art journalling but I knew it wasn't really the kind of thing that was going to take 5 minutes and I needed time to think about what I wanted to do.

I started with some Anna Marie papers called Blissful Cotton and gave each side a wash of white Gesso. Then it was a case of collaging some papers, trying to create balance on each side as I did it.


The lovely butterfly is by Stampotique, a real beauty. I then added some Lindy's inks and Prima Frank Garcia Memory Hardware Artisan Powder in Mesdames Merlot, a really rich magenta powder which I mixed with water to create a wash. 

My fave product is the new Glitter Kiss in Pink Sapphire which I painted onto the butterfly wings.


Then it was just a case of splashing white Dylusion ink over both sides.The sentiment is by Indigo Blu called "Discover Your Passion".


 I've put my art journal pages in the scrapbook/journal I got from Hobbycraft. I really enjoyed the whole process and hope to add many more pages in the future. I will be entering my art journal creation into this weeks challenge over at Simon Says Monday Challenge called "Little Critters".

See you soon x

Monday, 22 May 2017

Loose watercolour painting...

This is something I have been wanting to try for a while, especially painting loose watercolour flowers.

I used the wet on wet technique which is where you just outline the flower with a wet brush and then add the watercolour. I really like the technique. It is so much easier than trying to paint every leaf or petal in detail and you can get really quick results.

The inclusion of the real pink carnations in the photo is merely coincidental, they were the only pink flowers I had in my garden. My flowers are meant to be just an impression of a flower, any flower. 

I found it easier to start with a very pale colour and slowly add darker colour a little bit at a time, creating light and shade to my flowers.


I like the freedom this technique offers, I want to do more. I will do more!

See you soon x

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Getting messy...

Phew. Life has been so hectic that it has given me little time for my beloved crafting over the last few weeks. 

Somehow amid the chaos I did find some time to make this li'l creation. It was made from a scrap piece of paper on which I had scraped off excess acrylic paint from another project. It was only afterwards I realised I really liked the messy background and thought it would make a fab card.

Scribble 1 
  Even the stripes stamped onto my messy piece of paper were from another project. There are odd bits of glitter as well. The whole thing was just a concoction of paint, ink and glitter from other projects.

Scribble 2

I just added some die cut leaves and some roses to finish it off.

Scribble 3 

It makes such a change for me to do "messy" but I like it.

I will try to continue to craft and post on my blog regularly but it just may not be as frequently as usual until things quieten down. I hate it when life gets in the way of my crafting but I will do my best!

Thank you as ever for stopping by x

Friday, 5 May 2017

Gelli printing with acetate...

I love acetate as much as I love my Gelli plate.

So I thought what if I could combine the two? I know that you can mask off parts of the Gelli to create transparent areas, but I thought I would try and use a stamp instead.

Acetate Gelli 6 
I used a flourish stamp by Indigo Blu and pressed it into the acrylic paint, cleaning it off each time I made my impression. That way it picked up the paint to create some transparent patches.

Then it was simply a case of waiting for the paint to completely dry. Instead of lifting the print with cardstock, I used a sheet of double sided adhesive to pull the print. Finally I adhered the adhesive sheet to the acetate. It was actually very easy.

Acetate Gelli 1 
I love the patches of transparency, and I think I may have invented distressed acetate!

Acetate Gelli 3

I know I am latecomer to the world of Gelli, but I am constantly amazed at the versatility of my Gelli plate, it was a great investment.

Hope you like, I'll be back again soon x

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Show Stopping Aperture Cards...

  Well, I think they're quite show stopping lol, I hope you do to!

I was trying to think of other ways to use my lovely Gelli prints and started thinking along the lines of an aperture card, to reveal my Gelli print inside the card. 

I considered a square or circle aperture but thought this would be a bit predictable, so chose these diamond nesties from Spellbinders and X-Cut.

Diamond 1 
 It was only as I die cut the centre diamond I thought to continue the lines upwards and cut the V shape notches at the top of the card to reveal even more of the inside.

Diamond 2 
I die cut the black frame by laying one nestie inside another, colouring my black cardstock with a black Spectrum Noir sparkle pen to add a bit of glamour.

Diamond 3

Then it was just a case of adding some serious bling, I have had these rhinestones for years, I think they were from the Hobby House but I can't be sure.  The sentiments are by Papertrey from the Boutique Border range.

Diamond 4 
 The last photo gives you a bit of a better view of my Gelli prints...  

Diamond 5 

I know my crafting style is swinging from one extreme to the other, but I won't go on about it anymore, I'll just continue to do whatever pops into my li'l head lol.

See you soon x

Monday, 24 April 2017

Two Mixed Media projects...

These two canvases are only my second and third attempt at mixed media. I have to say I admire all mixed media artists who seem so confident using a whole array of products and materials and end up producing the most amazing pieces of art.
I realise now that mixed media creations are a labour of love. I am taking much more time on each project than I have ever given to any of my previous creations. I am still finding it daunting and it is absolutely stretching me to my creative limits.

Mixed media canvas-love is patient 3 
 I thought I would share at least part of the process with you and took this photo of how the butterfly canvas looked at the mid-way stage. I used Prima Love Clippings paper for my collage, decoupaging some tissue paper that I stamped with some Stamper's Anonymous butterflies and some text stamps. After covering with a thin layer of white gesso I added more stamping using the sentiment "Love is Patient" from Prima's Tea Thyme stamp set, and an alphabet stamp from Tim Holtz Artful Artifacts stamp set to stamp around the edge of my canvas.
I actually really love it at this stage and could quite happily have left it at that!

Mixed media canvas-Love is Patient 1 
However, I did go on to add texture paste with a Prima flourish stencil, and red and brown acrylic paints and inks. The lovely large butterfly is by Tim Holtz 661182.

mixed media canvas-love is patient 4

 I quite like this canvas, and as you can see I got a bit braver with the ink.

The next canvas is much more vintage and I shall be entering it into the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge which is "We've got your number" ie, to include a number anywhere on the project. I have to say I love numbers, apart from maths lol, but why do numbers, and letters for that matter look soo good stamped?

And why does stamping over white Gesso make me shiver with delight ? :)

mm no 1b

I collaged some vintage papers, added distress inks and a script stencil. The numbers on the corner of the canvas are from the Bo Bunny It is Written stamp set, and the same alphabet stamp as before.

mm no 1

Two very different mixed media canvases, and although I am still not confident I feel I am slowly improving and I really hope you like them.

I would like to thank the folks over at Top 100 Cardmaking blogs for selecting me for their blog, I am honoured. My blog is primarily is about card making although as you know I do produce other papercraft projects and I am diversifying even more now especially into mixed media. When I first set up my blog many years ago I was in such a hurry to get going I didn't give much thought to the name of my blog. The "little princess" refers to the meaning of my name, Sarita, and at the time I thought "little princess cards" as I thought I would only make cards, but of course I went on to do many other types of crafting over the years.

I think my blog will always be diverse, but I hope that makes it interesting. Even I don't know what I will be up to next!

I just thank you for taking time out of your day to visit me and hope you are enjoying my creative journey, see you again soon x